From Ubuntu to my new Macbook?

September 2, 2010 at 4:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I finally took the plunge and purchased a Macbook last week. My first impression was a bit shaky and still is, but getting stronger. I was impressed with the solid hardware. The keyboard is more comfortable for me then even my Thinkpad was. I miss the work-flow that I have become accustomed to over the last year or so on Linux. The directory structure throws me at times I don’t like all the files that are hidden and the Unixy folder structure as well. To make dotfiles unhidden is a task that even would throw a seasoned Unix person. I mean why not be able to open a config file or go to a properties menu on the Finder application? No it is a command that doesn’t lend it self to a  person familiar with Unix. This command let’s me view my files in the Finder application:”defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES”. How intuitive is that? After seeing the complaints in some Ubuntu forums from ex-Windows users complaining about “apt-get install” or the like, I can’t believe you don’t hear more in the blogosphere about stuff like this. I believe there are apps to install that makes this more accessible but to me this is something that should be very close to a context menu or at least the preferences for the Finder application. I can’t believe there is no native way to leave a window on top as with Linux. Like Windows you have to install a third party app for this. Why the folder names and symlinks were needed to mimic what I see as a classic Unix file structure is beyond me. Is it really that much of an aesthetically pleasing change that someone would see the Mac as less beautiful. I don’t know.

I do appreciate the multimedia being very good though. I know I miss some proprietary goodness when using Linux in this regard. The Mac is definitely a solidly designed system. I’m just trying to figure out how so many Linux lovers can switch to something that can at times seem far from the uninhibited experience we have come to love from Linux. Maybe I’ll get use to it, maybe I won’t and I’ll just make this my Linux laptop. It certainly is an expensive laptop, if indeed it comes to that. For what this is worth I could have purchased two PC laptops with the same Intel processor with the same amount of RAM I received with this. I’m not giving up on the Mac awesomeness yet!

Give me your thoughts my Linux partners out there. Especially the ones developing for the Linux platform while using a Mac. Why is it worth going for something seemingly trying to hide the Unix awesomeness when you can have Unix in it’s full glory and full openness in Linux.


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