Webapps and the cloud!

June 15, 2010 at 3:23 pm (Cloud Computing, Evil, Google, nonEvil, Open Web, Rant, Technology)

After reading the article concerning Mozilla’s support for the client side storage in Firefox 4, it made me consider probably my biggest problem with the cloud and web apps as a complete desktop replacement. That being the storage of all documents and such as an answer to say the now Microsoft Office/Windows scenario. I guess not only the actual storage now that I think about it further. The fact that the apps are server side the maker of the app in Google’s case is “listening” to everything you are doing. How would anyone have reacted to Microsoft downloading your text as it is typed in your Word or Excel documents as a way of backing up your work. As much as it can be framed as a utilitarian use their is the flip side of the coin. The Google’s of the world using the interaction for what I would consider unknown purposes. Most average people, not power users or geeks are not aware of the level of snooping that goes on when they are surfing the net. Most users computers that I fix are littered with their interactions that I know most are oblivious to because when I ask them are they visiting such and such sites and contracting viruses they believe that deleted their history from the address bar in their browser gives them privacy. Imagine the level of surprise when most of the general public becomes aware of how unprivate their private life has become.

My blog has become my unrestricted Twitter ha ha!


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