The cloud scares the hell out of me!!

June 10, 2010 at 4:30 pm (Cloud Computing, Evil, Open Web, Personal, Rant, Technology) (, , )

This may be old news to some but we need to as a society wonder if we really want to put all this power in the hands of greedy corps looking to sell their mother if they could.

The conversation involving Zuckerburg of Facebook while coding and releasing Facebook while at Harvard is telling of how humans deal with great power. Even if he was joking, the very thought that he may have used any of the information he attained against or for his own greedy appetite should answer the question for us all whether the future of the web will be all the world’s citizens info stored on a few filthy rich corporate greed mongers servers is the answer to what some are calling “the open web”. I know the open web term usually refers to the interoperability between technology but to me these terms are used interchangeably all the time. See Zuckerburg’s IM conversation for yourself (well a piece of it).



  1. yoshizen said,

    It was too obvious from the beginning isn’t it. Who and what for
    need such informations ? Of cause they are the salable commodities.
    Other wise what is the point to spend money and set up the net service
    free of charge. Unless the person knowingly and prepared to gove
    all the false information and join, need to pickup the consequence.
    The trouble is not the social-networking site but the google who is
    automatically logging all the information traffic. As they can spy
    the contents of Email or search record.

    • joehacker72 said,

      I agree that people should know there is no such thing as free, it basically confirms the old saying that their are no free lunches. These companies basically are saying “OK you don’t have to buy our services, we’ll just get your money right out from under your noses without you knowing it”. The difference with the Facebook situation isn’t their searching of data on their servers but just the notion that one of these entrepreneurs of the so-called new web letting us realize our worst fears with his small talk about users storing their emails, personal photos etc on his server . And isn’t it ironic that this information about him leaked in the same way he spoke of reading others information without their permission. Google tries to justify searching and mining of our email and search queries by claiming it is for our own good. To provide us with a better service. But we all know they use the data to sell advertising to the big corps who pay them for their ability to “know” what users are looking for. So Google at least tries to play “good”, even though it’s all sly marketing. Every person is a pawn in their empire ultimately. I think we need to keep as much of our data on our “personal” computers and use the internet for the service it was meant to be. To route messages and web sites and link the world in a way, that it is opt in for what you want to opt in for and not to be someone’s treasure chest of power.

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