Opensource, but when and for whom!

May 21, 2010 at 3:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I have a question. Is it me or has the corporate world completely changed the opensource philosophy. I really started thinking in depth about this when Mark Shuttleworth was getting a hard time for Launchpad’s opensource timeline. It seems that opensource is completely foreign to its roots which to me were much closer to the beginnings of free software.

Think of how Linus started the kernel project compared to how the new “open source” non-evil companies start projects. The spirit is completely lost. The idea as far as I’m concerned was never for multi-billionare company starts money making venture by building their “open source” project for a year or two in secret. Then when they think the project is ready to make money the source code is put on a server to get some free help improving said product.

Just my two cents but is the spirit of free software completely lost in “open source” business. We watch Google year after year get more and more powerful and keep saying “don’t be evil”. Is that all there is to it. If so I think we could use some good old fashion Stallman to counter balance these fallacies.


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  1. What is Opensource? « Joehacker's Blog said,

    […] ”free users” as future paying customers seems to speak of altier motives. I already blogged about how commercial companies seem to build their “opensource” projects in secret and […]

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