The Cloud is not a future that I’m looking forward to!!

May 7, 2010 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

I have had reservations to say the least about the whole idea of all our line of business apps moving to the cloud. I know some businesses are using this method now but a wholesale move is a different story altogether. Many people have moaned about the Microsoft Office monopoly for a while now, trying to convince everyone that Open Office was free and better than Microsoft Office and that is another story for another day.

Anyway I was always concerned to say the least about personal data being stored in the cloud on servers that has traditionally held the purpose of being the backbone to the internet. Now before you correct me I know new server farms are being setup by the giants and they are not just throwing in a few hard drives and uploading the world’s data. The problem for me is the lack of control that you have over not only your own data but also the applications that sometimes need some convincing to act right. Most people now will call the vendor’s support number when they have issues but there are other cases where businesses are used to controlling their infrastructure and it gives a certain sense of security knowing if all else fails you can physically work with and have access to the servers and machines that are crapping on your data and sometimes that is the only way to go and that is the way it should be.

For instance I am regularly helping relatives with their computer issues and usually can get to the bottom of things and at the very least recover things. I know the argument from Google and those looking to bury Microsoft is, let us professionals keep your data servers tuned and safe and you have nothing to worry about. You only have to look at what they are doing to our email to see how that would go. They want to demonize someone else’s business model to monetize your personal data and sell your data down the river when you give them access to it. And I can hear the support call now when the CEO wants you to recover the quarterly P and L statements that were lost that you have had no problem in the past getting for him on your schedule, only to be told that we’re sorry but we had a power outage in the area and the air conditioners backup generator’s failed so we will need a few days to get to the data. I know some people will be in a better position because they never backed up anything anyway but some things in my opinion were meant to remain in control of those who care about the assets the most.

On a lighter note my in laws server based game is constantly lagging and kicking her off and yada yada but I can not get more memory or remedy the problem in any way. Why you ask? Because the big boy server farms are better at hosting and maintaining optimal performance than locally running apps. I think the market will re-correct some of this nonsense but there are some big companies that have bet the whole farm on cloud based apps and it will not be very easy to just turn the vessel aside and miss the iceberg as history has taught us all.


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