Quick Ubuntu rant!

May 6, 2010 at 12:42 am (Linux, Opensource, Technology) (, , , )

I continually switch between Ubuntu and Fedora and have been meaning to mention the irritating notification popup behaviour in Ubuntu, When you get connected to your wireless network etc. and the sleek black MACish notification box popups up the behaivour that I always expect is that when I click on the popup, the popup should go away. Well for several releases now that is the default behaviour. Besides being a nuisance to me it is much more “polished” to have the popups behave like Fedora has since at least F10. I remember a conflict between Mark Shuttleworth and a user on his blog argueing about the new notifcation system’s default behaviour but I can not say for sure if this was mentioned, I seem to recall that but I haven’t confirmed it. It seems lately that Ubuntu’s new design-level focus could be more about usability and less about trying to clone the MAC. There seems to be some harsh reaction to user’s complaints about the direction of Ubuntu. I would think the nitch they are looking to fill those types of issues would be readily accepted by the Ubuntu designers and Markm himself.

Say what you will about Fedora’s bleeding edge they do still find a way to innovate and still be mindful of little things like the notification system behaviour being intuitive. I myself do not like to click a notification box only to have it blink and fade at will. It just seems buggy!


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