Linux is frying my laptop!

May 6, 2010 at 9:19 pm (Linux, Opensource, Personal, Technology)

Update: Just to show my desire to actually be a help not a hindrance to the future of Linux I think it is only fair that I update what the issue may be with the temperature crashes. I believe there must be a setting in the system somewhere that crashes the kernel or system when the CPU reaches a certain threshold because Windows 7 seems content to run at even higher temperatures without crashing then my Linux partition has been crashing at (94 cel.). Apparently some laptops run hotter then others because I have found varying opinions and runtime temperatures after googling for anyone experiencing the same issues. 6/2/2010

I picked the title of this post because I have a sneaky suspicion that whatever is going on is kernel related as were other issues in the past that were fairly major like wireless driver breakage and such.

I was running Fedora 12 last night after some rather unpleasant bugs in the new Ubuntu 10.04 release. After about 12 updates a package conflict a reboot , repair of dependencies then a 400 some odd updates to Fedora 12 my processor temperature immediately started cooking like a stove then crashed. I received a black command prompt reporting that my cpu was 90 or so degrees celsius and a shutdown (not graceful by any means). I didn’t have any CPU temperature sensor software installed on Ubuntu or Fedora so I booted in to Windows 7 and watched my CPU temp slowly go down, while I was using several programs and such so I was happy to see my laptop was not toast. I just bought it less than a year ago for $1500, so I would have been up the creek.

So I proceeded to reformat my Fedora partition not wanting to take a chance again with overheating. I reinstalled Ubuntu to see if that may have been the case with Ubuntu as well and after a fresh install of Ubuntu and about an hour of usage my CPU was back up to 90 some degrees celsius again. I shutdown Ubuntu and booted back to Windows 7 to witness the same cooling process I witnessed last evening with Fedora 12.

I noticed something strange in the gnome system monitor applet though. My dual cores kept trading 100% CPU utilization every few seconds. I was only running one instance of Firefox and the system monitor applet. I have also noticed the system monitor applet using upwards of 40% CPU to run by itself.

I have had Windows spyware and annoyances in the past but I can safely and confidently say I never witnessed such shoddy software in my life. I am very irritated after two years of trying to make excuses and listen to why Linux is superior quality and blows Windows performance away etc. Why is this tolerated in the open-source world. I am a pragmatist, something has to prove to be more stable and superior not just be said to be such, as it seems the whole Linux thing has turned out to be.

Just so I do not leave this to just Linux let’s talk about Chrome’s blazing speed that eats up 100% CPU regularly as well.

Awesome engineering guys!


Open-source needs to be more than a hobbyist’s dream if they are to prove their model of developing quality software superior to proprietary software.

Then you get answers like, “stop whining !”, “what do you expect , it is free!”, “blah,blah,blah”.

You can not have it both ways guys it is either superior or it is not, will someone answer that for me!


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